Brand Chemistry

How to attract the right clients — and keep them

It takes way more than just being really good at what you do to start and run a successful business. To be seen, to be heard, and to be successful, you need to get clear on who you are, why you do what you do, what’s in it for your customers, and why they should hire you over the other guy. In Brand Chemistry, Laura Beauparlant shares her proven Brand Camp formula for achieving clarity and focus. No matter where you’re at now, you can build a brand that allows you to become a happier, more fulfilled and prosperous business owner. 


What readers are saying:

“If there’s one book that all small business owners and entrepreneurs should read this year, it’s definitely Brand Chemistry. In this book, Laura Beauparlant walks the reader through each step of her formula for creating an unforgettable brand. The reader benefits from her years of experience as an entrepreneur and designer, so they are able to do the reflection and work to pinpoint what makes their company and brand stand out in today’s busy marketplace. This book will inspire, motivate, and guide anyone who is either creating or re-imagining their company’s place in the world.”

Céline Williams, CEO and Chief Strategist, revisionary

Brand Chemistry is a must-read for business leaders of all kinds. Anyone who has experienced the magic of a super-positive brand can understand the message Laura Beauparlant conveys in her new book. The increasingly critical demand to have your business stand out from the crowd is at the core of Brand Chemistry. And Laura ties in the importance of the emotional impact of that brand in a way that is so clear, and sincere, that anyone reading Brand Chemistry will get caught up in its power.” 

Brian Lenahan, CEO, Aquitaine Innovation Advisors, and Co-Founder, Rainmaker AI

“In this insightful yet highly practical guidebook, Laura Beauparlant reveals the secrets to creating a powerful, memorable, and ultimately successful brand. Channelling her own experience as an entrepreneur and her creative instincts as a designer, she leads readers through the steps of self-discovery about their own companies’ ambitions, motivations, and attributes to help them shape their own unique branding visions. This is a must-read for all entrepreneurs or small business owners hoping to take their businesses to the next level.”